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Postado em 11 de September de 2021 @ 5:06 pm

Another special 11th day that we celebrate love and the date we met with another release. ❤️?❤️
The lyrics bring the idea of inhabiting a new place if our planet becomes uninhabitable. The song asks us about why we don’t take care of our planet while there’s still time instead of thinking about inhabiting a new world making the same mistakes here on Earth.
Through this idea the cover was created by the artist @rdd.artwork
The mix and master was again in charge of the magician @henriquecanalle (Baboom), who had already mixed the first album.

Now it’s too late
There’s no turning back
Towards an unknown place
There´s not enough space for all of us

What good is the new if we make the same mistakes again and again?

Far beyond the moon and stars
Far beyond the sun and mars
Far beyond the greedy and lying crime
Far beyond we´ve to get it right this time

Maybe it’s not too late
We must start over
Behold the life, the Earth deserves to be free.

We can leave everything behind and live a hopeful dream.
Let us be great memories for this world.